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A disgraced Indian air force officer impersonates a look-alike Chinese spy.

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original title: Humsaya

genge: Action,Drama,Mystery,Romance,Thriller






keywords: indian, spy, lookalike, wedding, weddingnight, alcoholic, plasticsurgery, chinesespy, dualrole, breakup, murder, framedformurder, courtmartial, drunkenness, disgrace, hero, falseaccusation, brawl, pho








































Born out of a Chinese father and Indian mother, Chinese Army Officer Lin Tan is in love and gets married to Sin. On their wedding night, Professor Tao Kai Chen summons him, gets him to under plastic surgery in order to look like Prince Shyam Singh, and arrange for weapons for the Chinese army so that they can attack India. Lin meets an alcoholic and disgraced Indian Air Force Squadron Leader Shyam, who was found guilty for killing Vijay Khanna. Alienated from his sweetheart, Leena Sen, he had taken to alcohol and had been befriended by Tao. Lin is then instructed to impersonate Shyam, kill him, and take his place - but Shyam overpowers him, and instead Tao mistakenly kills Lin. Shyam dons Lin's guise and returns home to Delhi - where he hopes to clear his name. This is where he will face many challenges when Leena will even refuse to speak with him, the community in general will shun him, and the arrival of Sin, along with a peace delegation, will complicate matters even more - as she thinks that he is her husband and wants to consummate her marriage. A disgraced Indian air force officer impersonates a look-alike Chinese spy. Only in Bollywood you can getaway with identical people from different countries. Basically the story involves around Joy Mukerjee's two characters. One is Chinese and the other Indian playing the espionage game. The story seems to be OK but the acting and characters are so wooden and you sit through three hours hoping that it will improve. Alas it does not. The Chinese character even has plastic surgery to look like the Indian, but it still was not convincing.

Mala Sinha who plays the wife the Chinese Character is good and compassionate as for Sharmila Tagore who was the love interest of the Indian Character is less convincing.

It's fine Bollywood churning out more movies than the world but 80% of them are pointless.


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